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Here's an archive of my Zimmer Twins Profile information

What Was Zimmer Twins?

What's your favorite Zimmer Twins character or place?: 

Mystery Box.

Ninjas or Pirates?: 

Ninjas! Haa-yaaah!

Do you believe in ghosts?: 

What's that noise?!

Waffles or Pancakes?: 

Yes, please!

Which wacky pet would you pick?: 

Robot from the Future.

Have you ever been to another dimension?: 

I'm in one right now.

What psychic power would you like to have?: 


What's the grossest smell you can foresee?: 


Mustard or Mayo?: 

Hot Sauce.

Where do psychics get their powers from?: 

Lots of weiner schnitzel.

Soccer or Baseball: 

I'd rather read a book.

What would you choose if you could only have one wish?: 

Fame and Fortune!

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